OSMRE, Dry Fork Mine A3 Tract EA

The Western Fuels-Wyoming’s Dry Fork Mine provides coal to in-state power plants, which, in turn, provide reliable, low-cost electricity to Campbell County and northeast Wyoming. I am writing today to urge the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (“OSM”) to approve the Dry Fork Mine’s pending Amendment 3 Mining Plan Modification.

Western Fuels and Basin Electric Power Cooperative and their employees are important taxpayers and supporters of local businesses and agencies in the region.  In addition, the mine has demonstrated its commitment to world-class reclamation and safety, through its receipt of national and state environmental, wildlife stewardship and safety awards.

The Dry Fork Mine is an important taxpayer.  The Dry Fork Mine provides over 80 people with good paying jobs.  The mine pays tens of millions of dollars per year in taxes, fees, royalties and local/regional purchases.  The 58 million tons added to the mine by the Amendment 3 project are expected to generate about $180 million dollars in local, state and federal royalties and taxes.  Additionally, this coal is important for the long-term fuel supply for Wyoming power plants. 

The environmental assessment (EA) appears more than adequate to evaluate the impacts of mining the tract.  No further study appears needed.  OSM’s draft EA for the project clearly supports a decision by OSM to approve the Amendment 3 tract for mining.  

For moire information see: https://www.wrcc.osmre.gov/initiatives/dryForkMine/dryForkMineA3EA.shtm

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