Western Fuels Association appoints Meri Sandlin to serve as Interim CEO

Jul 03, 2015
Westminster, CO – Western Fuels Association’s (WFA) Board of Directors have appointed Meri Sandlin to fill the role of interim CEO effective July 1, 2015. Meri will serve in that role until a permanent replacement for recently retired Duane Richards is named. 

Meri Sandlin has been in the coal industry since 1992, holding various positions in finance, accounting and logistics with mining companies in the Powder River Basin. In 2005, Ms. Sandlin became the Business Manager at the Dry Fork Mine in Wyoming. She then transferred to Western Fuels Association in 2008 and was most recently serving as the Director of Commercial Operations. She has also had responsibilities for coal procurement and risk management.

She will be replacing Duane Richards who served for 11 years as CEO and General Manager at WFA. He oversaw the production, acquisition and delivery of over 175 million tons of coal to members.