Rail Services

Transportation plays a key role in satisfying the energy demands placed on electricity generators. When supported by a reliable source for coal, utilities’ operations run smoothly and with more predictable pricing than the peaking systems that rely on natural gas.

WFA manages and maintains 1,400 rail cars, schedules loadings and deliveries and negotiates equipment financing and leasing services. In addition, WFA also operates the Escalante-Western Railway in New Mexico. This short line railroad runs between the Lee Ranch/El Segundo Mine and Tri-State Generation & Transmission’s Escalante Generating Station. All of these services are geared toward providing WFA’s members the most competitive and efficient transportation possible.

Coal Transportation

  • Bid Solicitation
  • Contract Administration
  • Train Scheduling
  • Railcar Ownership and Leasing Evaluations
  • Fleet Management
  • Accounting, Rail Property Taxes and Insurance
  • Railroad Construction/Build-Out/Cost Analysis