Fuel Chain Management

Western Fuels Association is a cooperative enterprise operating on a not-for-profit basis to provide coal and other services for the generation of electricity by consumer owned utilities. Western Fuels’ current member-owners are rural electric generation and transmission cooperatives, municipal utilities, and other public power entities. Western Fuels Association is a national fuel supply cooperative with considerable and diverse experience in coal mining, coal procurement, and transportation management.

For close to four decades, WFA has amassed extensive fuel chain management experience. Since its inception, WFA has managed the procurement and delivery of over half a billion tons of coal to the benefit of its Members' operations.

Western Fuels’ Members are entitled to an array of services including coal procurement and transportation negotiations and contract administration as well as access to WFA’s expertise in coal mining, permitting and geologic investigation.

WFA either owns or leases approximately 1400 rail cars and manages their scheduling, maintenance and repair on behalf of its members. Most of these cars are in service with BNSF and UP railroads. WFA’s manager, Coal and Transportation oversees rail operations and manages the liaison between the power plant operators, mine operators, and railroads. As noted above, WFA also operates the Escalante-Western Railway in New Mexico.